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UniDesk Turns 10

On the 18th November 2010 UniDesk was officially launched at the University of Edinburgh. The innovative concept of a shared service management solution for education by education was the brainchild of Edinburgh and St. Andrews. With Abertay joining the service we now know as UniDesk was born. 

In the decade that has passed UniDesk has grown from strength to strength. Family is the key to our success and we now have 11 members and more recently have become an international service too. Representation from every member as part of our governance model supports our shared service foundation and drives the direction of service. Our yearly gatherings keep our family bond strong and give us an opportunity to share successes and experiences. We even manage to have a bit of fun too.

Please take a few minutes to read our anniversary article(link) and find out how our service has grown over the last decade.

All this would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication from everyone involved with the supporting the service here at Edinburgh over the years. The extended team have worked tirelessly to develop the service for the community whilst keeping the ethos of sharing resources at its heart. The contribution from our members has also been fundamental in shaping and improving the service for the ever changing landscape in which we operate.

We wanted to say a big thank you to all our members, the extended UniDesk Team, our colleagues at TOPdesk and everyone who has been associated with the UniDesk Service past and present for their continued support and enthusiasm.

UniDesk is 10 years old and we really are growing up fast! Last year we welcomed three new members in RCA, UHI and Malta. We are hoping to grow our shared service even more over the next few years. We recently moved to TOPdesk SaaS and are very excited about the possibilities this offers. With the latest upgrade we are introducing Chat, improved Asset Management and OData for operational and strategic reporting. The flexibility of SaaS and the rich functionality offered by TOPdesk means that continuous service improvement is now an achievable reality.

The next few years are sure to be every bit as rewarding as the first 10!

Dawn Dodd, Catherine Hetherington, Mark Ritchie

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