UniDesk Institutional Pricing 2020/2021

Charging is very simple and entirely transparent and is based upon the size of your institution. There are no restrictions on the numbers of users, queues, service desks or modules. 

Quite simply, the more you use it the better the value. You just need to pay the annual service subscription plus a one-off Joining Fee, which covers the setup of your system. Setup includes on-site consultancy for planning and launch, your own Test environment and support from the UniDesk team to get you started.

We use the JISC sizing model for H.E. and F.E. Institutions to assess the size of your institution: https://subscriptionsmanager.jisc.ac.uk/about/jisc-banding

Interested in joining the UniDesk family? Please contact us for a quote. 

UniDesk Procurement Information

We have designed the service to simplify the process for you: Following appropriate market advertising, UniDesk is able to expand its service to new members without risk of procurement challenge. However, it does not mean that new institutions can join without satisfying their own procurement process. We believe that we are offering a unique service, so potential new members should be encouraged to explore a non competitive approach where they want: an enterprise oriented, shared, Service Management service run by H.E. for the education sector.

Further information is available via the Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges (UK) website: http://tinyurl.com/OJEU-guidance

EU Procurement Thresholds

‘Bringing UHI into UniDesk is a game changing approach to our service delivery model and will help UHI deliver equivalence of support experience across our user base – be it at one of our city campus sites in Inverness or Perth to a remote learning centre in Shetland or Argyll.

The UniDesk Service Management Team took the time to understand our business and requirements and worked closely with us to ensure we could achieve a compliant procurement.’   

Mike Burns, Customer Service Manager,  The University of the Highlands and Islands

Speaker at UniDesk User Group