The key to the success of UniDesk is its collaborative community. Our members benefit from our shared processes and the opportunity to build on the years of experience and best practice developed into the service.

We are truly a shared service and this has been developed with our community in mind. We are supported by UCSS (Universities and Colleges Shared Service) and each of our members has a seat on our governance board to ensure that they have a say in the future direction of UniDesk.

We have established change boards, user groups and also hold an annual conference to continue our sharing ethos.


Presentation at UniDesk User Group meeting


“With the version 7 upgrade we introduced the self service portal at Abertay. Our students love it as they can create, update and track the support calls they have logged with us.  

We’ve also made extensive use of the form builder functionality to capture support enquiries which has increased efficiency for front line teams.”


– Frazer Greig, Head of IT, 
Abertay University

“UniDesk has been transformational for Information Services at the University Of Stirling. As well as improving the service to our end-users, Unidesk also provides us with meaningful metrics, which can used to proactively manage our performance, or to justify our resources and investments, for example. Vitally, Unidesk is enabling us to pursue our channel shift agenda with conviction, providing higher quality services and information online.”

– Richard Aird, Head of Customer Service, University of Stirling

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