Simple Charging

Charging is very simple and entirely transparent and is based upon the size of your institution. There are no restrictions on the numbers of users, queues, service desks, modules, etc. Quite simply, the more you use it the better the value. You simply need to pay the Joining Fee, which covers the setup of your system, including on-site consultancy for planning and launch, a Test environment and support from UniDesk to get you started, plus your annual service subscription.

We use the JISC sizing model for H.E. and F.E. Institutions: to assess the size of your institution.

The prices below are all VAT inclusive.

2017/18 Price List
JISC Banding Annual Service Subscription Joining Fee
1 £119,064  £84,819
2 £76,146  £62,309
3 £45,688  £41,206
4 £34,612  £32,061
5 £23,536  £22,916
6 £13,843  £16,726
7-10 £9,691  £13,490


Want to know more

New members are always welcome. If you would like to learn more please contact: The University of Edinburgh Information Services at

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